Sealing Mats for 96-Well Microplates

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J.G. Finneran's Sealing Mats for 96-Well Microplates
J.G. Finneran's molded Teflon/Silicone and Silicone only Sealing Mats are designed to fit standard 96-well microplates with cylindrical or tapered wells, and square wells.  The tight seal prevents sample cross contamination and the liner reseals after multiple injections thus reducing the chance of solvent evaporation.  The liners are made from Teflon lined medical grade silicone which meets the requirements of U.S.P. Class VI.

Features of Sealing Mats for 96-Well Microplates:

  •  96 round and square welled mats for standard 96-well microplates.

  •  Molded sealing mats are available prescored.

  •  Alphanumeric grid referencing.

  •  Molded sealing mats can be autoclaved. 

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