SCX SpinTips Sample Prep Kit by Protea Biosciences Group, Inc

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SCX SpinTips Sample Prep Kit

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The SCX SpinTips Sample Prep Kit contains tips and reagents for strong cationic exchange solid phase extraction of protein and peptide samples for electrospray or MALDI mass spectrometry. The kit is effective in concentrating, desalting, and removal of detergent from protein and peptide samples, resulting in mass spectra with improved S/N and reduced salt adducts.

The SP-155-24 kit contains 24 SCX SpinTips for 50-1000µL volumes, 25mL SCX Reconstitution Solution, 25 mL SCX Wash Solution, and 25 mL SCX Elution Solution.

• High throughput sample preparation applications
• Binding Capacity: 1000 µg / tip (50 to 1000 µL sample solution)

Research Applications:
• Effective desalting of proteins and peptides
• Detergent removal from protein and peptide samples
• Fractionation of protein mixtures and cell lysates
• Concentration of proteins extracted from dilute solutions
• Clean-up of proteins electroeluted from polyacrylamide gels

• Binding capacity: 1000 µg
• Amount of SCX beads in a tip: 10 mg
• Sample volume: 50-1000 µL