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SCREENSTAR Microplates

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SCREENSTAR microplates with 96, 384 and 1536 wells.

Especially developed for high-resolution microscopy, the ultra-low well base of SCREENSTAR enables high magnification microscopy of perimeter wells, even with a minimum working distance.

The microplate's key advantage over other plates for high-resolution microscopy is the extremely short distance between the well bottom and the microplate skirt (internal well to skirt bottom = 0.7 mm; external well to skirt bottom = 0.51 mm), rendering ease of high magnification microscopy at perimeter wells without complex microscopic adjustments.

The circular wells allow microscopic work without disruptive shadow using the smallest possible meniscus lens. The perimeter ditch can be filled with water or medium to reduce edge effect due to evaporation, especially for long incubation periods. A proven Greiner Bio-One cell culture treatment quality ensures reliable, uniform growth.

The SCREENSTAR plates are available in black with a 190 μm clear film bottom, cell culture treated, sterile.

Featured at Greiner Bio-One Analytica 2014.

SCREENSTAR Microplates Features:

  • Cycloolefin, black with film bottom
  • For high-resolution microscopy
  • 190 μm film bottom with protective film
  • Distance well bottom internal: 0.7 mm
  • Distance well bottom external: 0.51 mm
  • with lid
  • cell culture treated
  • sterile