Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI by Waters

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Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI
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The only comprehensive screening solution

The Waters® Screening Platform Solution with UNIFI™ is the first and only comprehensive screening solution – target, identify, quantify, and review using a streamlined analytical workflow that enables more accurate results across a wide range of applications.

The platform is holistically designed, combining world-class instruments, software, Waters’ Analytical Standards and Reagents, and chemistries. All backed by Waters expert Service and Support.

Based on the UNIFI Scientific Information System, the Platform Screening Solution facilitates data standardization so that information can be exchanged and transferred among departments and third-party partners. It enables all laboratory functions to work with a common backbone of analytical information including methods, processed results, and historical data and reports.

Screening Platform Solution Includes:

  • ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class System
    - Increased resolution and reduced peak widths result in unrivalled sensitivity.
    - Maximizes peak capacity to enhance MS sensitivity.
    - Provides the lowest carryover, complementing MS sensitivity and extending linear dynamic range.
    - Maximizes the benefits of sub 2-μm particle columns with the lowest dispersion.
  • Xevo® G2-S QTof
    - Analyze the broadest range of compounds in the most complex samples.
    - StepWave™ ion optics allow for unsurpassed levels of robust sensitivity.
    - Delivers superior UPLC®-compatible mass resolution, matrix-tolerant dynamic range, quantitative performance, mass accuracy, and speed of analysis – simultaneously.
  • UNIFI Scientific Information System
    - Consolidates state-of-the-art data acquisition, processing, and management capabilities to revolutionize screening processes.
    - Store, make use of, and share all data, methods, and reports.
    - UNIFI’s scientific library enables you to make use of your prior work, as well as the data and findings of colleagues.
  • Analytical Standard and Reagents
    - Precisely formulated, ready-to-use, and will help analysts derive optimal performance from their LC and MS instruments.
    - Ensure quality and consistency from day-to-day, system-to-system, and lab-to-lab.