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Screened BAC library
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A pooled BAC library is an invaluable tool for PCR-screening. It allows for the easy retrieval of BAC clones of interest. This type of library is especially useful when genome size is large and creating an arrayed library is cost-prohibitive.

We typically construct a minimum 5X BAC library and BAC clones are then pooled and distributed in 96-well plates. Each well will contain about 400-500 original BAC clones. HMW DNA isolation and QC by HMW DNA enzymatic digestion are included. The pooled BAC library can be also PCR-screened using client-provided PCR primer pairs which specifically amplify a segment in the target area. Price per screening is dependent on the genome size and requested coverage. Client can decided the number of positive BAC clones he wishes to purchase. Row, column and plate pools are also available.

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