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Scienceware® Sterileware® Scoops

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All Sterileware® products are made from FDA grade materials, sterilized by Gamma Irradiation, lot stamped for accurate lot tracing, and shipped with a Certificate of Sterilization.

Scienceware® Sterileware® Scoops are the perfect shape and size for taking samples, especially from wide-mouth containers. Designed to hold various capacities, these one-piece scoops are molded of high-impact polystyrene and individually sealed and sterilized in a polyethylene bag ready for one time use and disposal. The 2 oz and 4 oz sampling scoops have a long handle that increases the distance between the hand and sample. When placed on a flat surface they remain upright and can be used as weighing boats. Available in white or red in 2, 4 and 8oz capacities. Bright red color reduces the chance of these scoops being accidentally left behind in a sample. Color can also serve as a code to avoid cross contamination and provides a contrasting background to better view light colored samples.

Also available is the Sterileware® Samplit™ Scoop and Container System. This collection device incorporates a sturdy sampling scoop that threads into a dedicated leakproof 190ml (6.5oz) container ensuring safe and efficient isolation of material. The rigid scoop is made of white, high-impact polystyrene strong enough for coring semi-solids such as cheese, ice cream and even soil or granular materials. A ribbed handle provides an excellent grip for pushing and turning the scoop. The depth and shape of the scoop keeps samples contained while allowing for easy dispensing into the clear styrene container.

Sterileware® Scoop Sampling System with convenient snap-on lid eliminates the cost of separate sterile bags or containers, saving you time and money in your sample collection process. These high-impact polystyrene scoops with detachable lids have a longer handle that increases the distance between the hand and sample to reduce contamination potential. When placed on a flat surface they remain upright and can be used as weighing boats. To use, simply remove the scoop from the bag and detach the lid using the convenient tab. After taking the sample, replace the snap-on lid and use the scoop as a container for transport. A lock-tab on the lid can be bent under for a tighter seal. Sampling data can be marked on the lid with wax pencil, pre-marked label or labeling tape to facilitate tracking.

Sterileware® Scoop an’ Bag™ Sampler is ideal for food, pharmaceutical and environmental sampling. This system includes a sterile 60ml (2oz) sampling scoop and sterile 11.4 x 22.9cm (431⁄64 x 9"), 540ml (18.3oz) volume polyethylene bag to hold the sample. Packaged together in a polyethylene bag, every package is lot traceable. The one-piece scoop is made from white, high-impact polystyrene. It has a long handle to keep the hand away from the sample. The scoop remains upright when filled or empty allowing it to be used as a weighing boat or to be placed on a flat surface.

Sterileware® Economy Sampling Scoops are an inexpensive and accurate measure for dry or liquid measures. Capacity is listed on each scoop, and leveling the sample to the flat top edge ensures a repeatable and consistent volume measure. The flat bottom shape and light weight allows for use as a weighing boat. These one-piece scoops are made from durable white high-impact polystyrene. Available in 4 sizes, 50 individually wrapped sterile scoops per pack or non-sterile,
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