Scienceware® Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar & Pestle Set

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Freeze and Process Tiny Tissue Samples Within a Microcentrifuge Tube!

Grinding smaller amounts of frozen tissue within a 1.5ml microcentrifuge tube can reduce sample loss and collection time, and it’s now possible with the Scienceware® Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mini Mortar & Pestle Set, catalog no. H37260-0100. Unlike standard mortars that require larger tissue samples for effective processing, the Mini Mortar & Pestle Set allows you to pulverize tissue and extract DNA or RNA from tiny tissue samples within a microcentrifuge tube. A stainless steel mortar with a welded fixture that cradles the tubes is suspended above a stainless steel cavity. The cavity holds the liquid nitrogen and is nested in a heavily insulated blue polyethylene housing. Tube contents are frozen by the liquid nitrogen that surrounds the mortar. Because liquid nitrogen does not make contact with the tubes, it prevents them from cracking. The set includes a 5” long stainless steel pestle with a polyethylene handle that is used to pulverize the tissue within the tube. The housing measures 16.5 diam. X 11.4cm H (6 ½ x 4 1/2”). Suction feet keep the unit stable on the workbench.

For processing larger samples, try the Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Mortar, catalog no. H37260-0000.