(disabled) Scienceware® 12-Well Tissue Disaggregator

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Achieve effective and economical disaggregation of soft tissue to produce cell isolates for culture or flow cytometry. Unlike single cup designs, twelve wells speed processing time and reduce per sample costs by allowing multiple cell isolates to be produced at one time. Use a syringe plunger or suitable device to press soft tissues through the screen thereby disrupting the organ structure and producing cell isolates. Patent Pending 

•   Twelve-well array mates perfectly with industry standard 12-well culture plates from BD Falcon™, Corning®, Thermo Scientific®, Greiner Cellstar®, and more
•   Provides increased cell viability compared to alternate methods
•   Permanently affixed screens at the bottom of each well won't trap tissues or allow non-screened tissues to pass into the collection plate
•   Constructed of FDA-grade TPX® (polymethylpentene) with 70 mesh stainless steel screens, the disaggregator is completely clear for full visibility of the wells
•   Overall Dimensions: 13.2L x 9.0W x 2.6cmH (5.2 x 3.5 x 1"); Individual Wells: 1.8 diameter x 2.0cm depth (0.7 x 0.8")
•   Sanitize with ethanol or other disinfectants, or autoclave for sterility using the included stainless steel autoclave frame

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(disabled) Scienceware® 12-Well Tissue Disaggregator

Manufacturer Bel-Art Products

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