Sciclone inL10™ Workstation by PerkinElmer, Inc.

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

Sciclone inL10™ Workstation by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image
Sciclone inL10™ Workstation

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The Sciclone inL10™ Workstation from PerkinElmer represents a revolutionary breakthrough in liquid handling technology, offering for the first time the ability to generate real-time performance data and to automatically react to changing conditions.

In addition, each channel automatically compensates for changes in viscosity due to changes in temperature, and offers its own liquid level detection capability.

More than leading edge innovations, these unprecedented capabilities bring tremendous value to life science professionals by enabling higher quality data, and enhanced productivity. For example, by taking advantage of its independent channel control, scientists can use the inL10 to carry out one-step plate normalizations or IC50 experiments, taking only a small fraction of the time previously required. And with its independent liquid level detection, scientists now have the ability to "poll" a plate to determine the liquid level/volume in each well.

Perhaps most valuable of all is the ability of the inL10 to provide real-time performance feedback, which includes 100% dispense verification per channel and automatic clog detection among other parameters. For nanoliter compound distribution in particular, the ability to sense clog formation and/or to confirm the volume of compound being dispensed has the potential of eliminating huge downstream costs associated with faulty compound distributions.

Leveraging the same base platform as the Sciclone ALH 3000, the inL10 is a true liquid handling workstation, offering many of the same options and accessories that go with the ALH 3000, including the Z-8 pipettor, bulk dispense modules, and multiple deck accessories. The primary difference between the two workstations is in their multi-channel pipetting technology. While the ALH 3000 offers traditional air displacement pipetting, the inL10 offers metered nano-pipetting from 10Ð10,000 nanoliters. High-speed solenoid valves ensure efficient non-contact (through-the-air) dispense of liquids and reliable delivery to 96, 384, and 1536 well plates.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% real-time dispense verification virtually eliminates downstream uncertainties and costs associated with faulty compound distribution, or other liquid handling steps
  • Highly accurate and precise nano-pipetting from 10-10,000 nanoliters, enabling ultra low volume compound distribution and assay assembly
  • Independent channel control enables one-step IC50's and plate normalizations
  • Non-contact (through-the-air) dispense enables reliable delivery to 1536 well plates, and facilitates mixing
  • A complete liquid handling workstation that enables the full automation of many different life science protocols
  • Outstanding modularity and scalability that enables your investment to grow with you as your needs evolve
  • The ability to provide 96 channel pipetting, plus single well access through an independent 8-channel pipettor, plus bulk reagent dispensing all in one configuration, eliminating the need for multiple liquid handling devices.
  • An integrated bulk dispense capability enabling more efficient assay assembly, greater speed, throughput, and improved assay performance
  • An integrated gripper that offers 100% grip confirmation, and can hold a plate-lid while the instrument simultaneously carries out pipetting operations.
  • And much more

Options and Accessories:

  • Z-8 pipettor module with eight independent channels for single well/tube access
  • Bulk reagent dispense modules for efficient reagent broadcasting
  • Spare ceramic-tip cannula or 96 channel pipetting arrays
  • 1536 deck locators
  • Microplate shaker
  • Ultrasonic wash station
  • On-line fill reservoir
  • Temperature controlled locators
  • iBlock™ table
  • Other standard and custom accessories

Sample Applications:

  • Drug Screening
  • Plate Replication and Reformatting
  • Nanoliter Compound Distribution
  • Low Volume Assay Assembly
  • Assay Optimization
  • One Step IC50's
  • Genomics & Proteomics
  • Low volume PCR/Sequencing set-up
  • One step Plate Normalizations
  • Protein Crystallization
  • Printing Arrays in Microplates

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Sciclone inL10™ Workstation by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image

Sciclone inL10™ Workstation

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.

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