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Schmidt + Haensch High Performance Polarimeters
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Polartronic H532 is the highest performance polarimeter available on the market, designed for the most challenging research. The H532 achieves extraordinary precision (±0.002°) across the full measurement range due its patented direct electronic interface between the analyser and optical encoder.

  • Direct reading of the rotation angle without mechanical transmission (patented) results in guaranteed unrivalled precision over the entire measuring range
  • 4th decimal place resolution 0.0001°.
  • Short measuring time, no mechanical abrasion
  • Continuous measurement allows flow through measurements to be easily performed
  • Program up to 10 special scales (glucose, mono sodium glutamate or other) and 10 methods
  • Calibration free due to spectral lamps
  • Selectable apertures for standard cells and micro cells
  • Up to 5 wavelengths 
  •  21 CFR part 11 ready

Polartronic M & N Touch Series are new versatile polarimeters offering continuous measurement and featuring unique technology for non-destructive quality control and scientific analysis.

  • High performance polarimeter for a wide range of applications
  • Rugged and robust metal housing
  • Highly accurate and reproducible results over the whole measuring range instantly
  • Continuous measurements for reaction monitoring
  • User friendly Operation System displayed by a broad 7" TFT Touchscreen
  • Easy to calibrate by certified Quartz Control Plates (SQCP, TQCP)
  • GLP/GMP, 21 CFR part 11 software and documentation available
  • Long lasting LED light source
  • Extremely low noise

Unipol L Series are fully automatic digital polarimeters designed for pharmaceutical and chemical applications. 3 models are available: Unipol L, Unipol L 1000, Unipol L 2000.

  • Resolution 0.01°or 0.001°. Precision up to ±0.005°. 1 or 2 fixed wavelengths
  • Single measurement operation
  • 4 measuring methods and 10 user defined programmable scales
  • Integrated temperature sensor available
  • Latest, state of the art optical and electronic component technology
  • User friendly menu structure operated with splash proof alphanumerical keyboard - results displayed on large LCD display
  • The resolution and precision of the Unipol L 1000 and L 2000 polarimeters are higher than the standard Unipol L model. All models meet European and American Pharmacopeia requirements