Scanning Probe Microscope Series WITec alpha300 by WITec GmbH

Manufacturer WITec GmbH

Scanning Probe Microscope Series WITec alpha300 by WITec GmbH product image
Scanning Probe Microscope Series WITec alpha300
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Scanning Probe Microscope Series WITec alpha300

The WITec microscopy series features scanning probe as well as high resolution optical and Raman microscopy techniques in either a single instrument or combined system configurations for the highest flexibility throughout a wide range of microscopy applications.

For example, it is possible to start with Confocal Raman Microscopy and upgrade later to Atomic Force Microscopy or vice versa. With such a combined instrument, chemical information can be directly linked to structural AFM information from the same sample area using only one instrument. For high-resolution optical information, the system can even be equipped with SNOM capabilities.

All of these methods enable nondestructive sample analysis on the nanometer scale while requiring only minimal sample preparation, if any. This extensive modularity and ease of use facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of the sample. Typical applications are found in all fields of surface and materials science, geosciences, life science, pharmaceutical research, thin films and coating analysis as well as nanophotonics and nanotechnology.

WITec’s technological leadership and the high-quality design of the alpha300 series pushes the frontiers of high-resolution Raman- and SPM-imaging abilities even further. This will aid our customers as they endeavor to become leaders in their varied fields.