ScanDrop® by Analytik Jena AG

Manufacturer Analytik Jena AG
ScanDrop® – Nano-Volume Spectrophotometer

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The ScanDrop® combines easy measurement of microliter volumes down to 0.3 µL with a standard measuring position for 10 mm cuvettes. This feature results in an exceptionally versatile instrument for routine work. The modular system is available as a single microliter instrument, as a standard 10 mm position instrument or as a combination of both. Unlike other systems, no warm up time is necessary. The instrument it is ready to use almost as soon as it is switched on thanks to a long-life xenon flash lamp. One additional highlight is the new portable HID-Pro 320 user interface with a 5.7” color touch screen, which turns the ScanDrop® into a fully functional and space-saving stand-alone system.

The ScanDrop® uses a unique patented CHIPCUVETTE®, which allows the user to easily measure sample volumes even as small as an impressive 0.3 µL. The CHIPCUVETTE® provides consistent measuring conditions, such as path lengths, which leads to enhanced reproducibility compared to other available “open drop” or “microliter” systems. It also provides optimum user and sample protection, utterly eliminating sample solvent evaporation and the risk of cross-contamination or carryover effects. This new chip technology makes it easy to recover or simply store the sample after measurement. The CHIPCUVETTE® provides 16 separate micro channels and is suitable for multichannel pipettes. Its technology ensures precise UV VIS absorption measurements between 190 nm and 720 nm.