sbeadex Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

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Our proprietary sbeadex magnetic microparticles are designed to deliver high yields of high quality DNA, and have long enabled high throughput automated processing.


sbeadex® magnetic microparticles offer two key features which enable the extraction and purification of high quality DNA preparations: A novel two step binding mechanism via a patented adapter enables binding of nucleic acids more specifically. Final washes with pure water to deliver nucleic acids in high yield, purity and quality.



  • Development of customised protocols to your requirements
  • Tailor-made extractions like modified lysis or eluation steps according to user requirements
  • Extraction speed optimisation - quicker results
  • Highly flexible batch sizes


Technical advantages:

  • Final washes with pure water to deliver nucleic acids in high yield, purity and quality
  • No potential PCR inhibitors in wash buffers - e.g. organic solvents, salts, polyethyleneglycol
  • Applicable for most popular robotic platforms (f.e. Hamilton, TECAN or KingFisher)


Available sbeadex kits:

  • sbeadex plant kit
  • sbeadex blood kit
  • sbeadex plasmid kit
  • sbeadex forensic kit
  • sbeadex tissue kit


The sbeadex technologies are suitable for high throughput automation and we have substantial experience developing sbeadex kits and protocols for use with a wide range of automation systems.