Saturn A200 HG by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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Saturn A200 HG

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The Saturn A200 is a large aperture CCD detector designed for use on the beamline or for home labs that desire a larger aperture CCD detector. This second generation large aperture detector has been designed and manufactured by Rigaku to provide faster readout times and better sensitivity than earlier models. The Saturn A200 is the first 2 x 2 tiled large area CCD detector designed to have the sensitivity and speed required for accurate measurement of weaker reflections both at the synchrotron and in the home lab. Features Large 203 mm x 203 mm active area (2 x 2 CCD array) Four-port readout on each of the latest 2K x 2K Kodak ® CCD sensors Fast readout times as low as 0.24 seconds per image High speed Camera Link ® interface to control computer Reliable closed loop Joule-Thompson cooling system (no water required) Widest dynamic range per pixel of any large area CCD detector High sensitivity for accurate measurement of all diffraction data The Saturn A200 is the best large aperture CCD detector for your beamline or home lab.

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