Saturn 944 HG by Rigaku Corporation

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Saturn 944 HG

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The new Saturn 944+, a 3rd generation CCD area X-ray detector designed and manufactured by Rigaku, now offers a further four-fold increase in readout speed. Superior dynamic range and high sensitivity is achieved through the use of transparent indium-tin-oxide (ITO) CCD sensor technology from Kodak ® . Combining a large format CCD with an optimal fiber optic demagnification ratio, the Rigaku Saturn 944+ is the definitive area X-ray detector specifically optimized for the high throughput and spatial resolution needs of protein and macromolecular crystallography. Requirements of industrial structural biology today emphasize the need for high throughput in order to achieve an economically viable level of data generation. The Saturn 944+ CCD X-ray detector is the perfect tool for high throughput protein crystal screening. A high readout speed of 8 MHz delivers maximum data in minimal time. The full-frame CCD employed by the Saturn 944+ uses a proprietary 2-phase architecture and has high capacity pixels for extended dynamic range. To increase the sensitivity of the chip, one of the two polysilicon gates has been replaced with the transparent conductor indium-tin-oxide (ITO). Thus the design of the chip eliminates the need to resort to backside illumination and provides the intrinsically superior dark current characteristics needed to generate the highest quality data. Advanced Kodak KAF-4320E CCD sensor Superior front-illuminated ITO technology Large 94 mm x 94 mm image area 2084 x 2084 pixel array with 4-port readout Approximately 18,000:1 dynamic range 18-bit analog-to-digital converter Fast 2 MHz per port readout speed Demagnification ratio of 1.88:1 With its high sensitivity, the Saturn 944+ is particularly powerful for the collection of weaker reflections, producing much higher resolution data. With a small point spread function, short crystal-to-detector distances are possible, thereby achieving high dataset completeness. With the available AFC11 or AFC Kappa goniometers, a flexible set of data acquisition strategies is supported to enhance coverage. Data collection is provided by StructureStudio™ and CrystalClear™, which includes d*TREK ® . The Saturn 944+ is bundled with HKL-2000 ® for data processing. Final protein structure solution and refinement is supported by the optional MIFit+ software package that was developed in conjunction with the Automatic Structure Consortium.