Sartoguard NF prefilter series

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

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Sartoguard NF filter elements feature a unique combination of Polyethersulfone (PES) membranes and newly developed PES Nanofleece technology. The combination of the innovative Nanofleece technology with the proven performance of PES membranes results in an outstanding total throughput performance and high flow rates in combination with exceptional clarification capabilities. Sartoguard NF filters are the ideal choice in prefiltration applications where the removal of particles and other contaminants is required for protection of more expensive sterilizing grade and 0.1 μm rated membrane filters.

Among others Sartoguard NF filter elements are typically used for prefiltration of:
– Pharmaceuticals
– Buffers
– Cell Culture Media
– Ophthalmics
– Large Volume Parenterals

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