Whatman™ Serum Biomarker Chip by GE Healthcare

Manufacturer GE Healthcare

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Whatman™ Serum Biomarker Chip

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The Whatman™ Serum Biomarker Chip enables proteomics researchers to profile and pattern the molecular signature of human serum.

The chip addresses the need for a high-throughput technology to enable research in the fields of risk stratification, disease prognosis, drug eligibility, prediction of safety and efficacy, and therapeutic monitoring.

The Serum Biomarker Chip is a single-capture antibody array built on the FAST Slide dual pad platform. Each slide has two identical arrays of antibodies printed in triplicate. Two-color fluorescent detection permits the researcher to reproducibly pattern the relative abundance of 120 human serum proteins between two samples, such as serum samples from diseased and healthy individuals.