Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™
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Average Rating: 3.4
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Good product, Terrible service.
Rating: 2.7

  • Application Area: Oil and gas lab

"Program is great with many options. Currently using version 10.1 which could have some more graphical interface. Aftersales service by Thermo is non existing. Every question takes a long time to get answered and most of the time the answer is sorry we cannot support as your question is not in the scope of your contract. "

Review date: 13 Jun 2016 | Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™
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  • Member since: 2014

  • Organization: Perrigo

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area:Pharmaceutical

"We are looking to replace Beckman Coulter LIMS with potentially Thermo Fisher Sample manager. They seem to be able to transfer our legacy system to this system or at least are willing to work with us to do so."

Review date: 20 Mar 2014 | Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™

Laboratories worldwide seeking a single, integrated informatics platform can now standardize on one comprehensive laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Thermo Scientific SampleManager delivers a complete Informatics solution for Method Execution, Laboratory and Data Management. SampleManager now encompasses LIMS, LES and SDMS functionality so that laboratories no longer need to purchase, implement, validate and support software packages from multiple vendors. The significant cost savings can instead be invested back into the business to drive new innovation. SampleManager can be connected to our customers' existing informatics infrastructures, regardless of which or how many instrument vendors they use. This enables labs to execute and manage all their laboratory processes easily, with the data rigor and intelligence that laboratory management requires to drive efficiency and profitiability lab- and business-wide.

Addressing the increasing pressures to improve time to market, ensure compliance and realize cost savings in QA/QC and analytical labs, the new Thermo Scientific Lab Execution System (LES) gives lab managers complete control to manage their own methods and SOPs, without the need to purchase, integrate and validate additional software from multiple vendors. The new LES is web-based, built on and fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific enterprise-level LIMS platform, allowing for the LES functionality to be executed from the LIMS or from any web browser.

SampleManager’s tightly integrated informatics platform now features more intuitive dashboards and an enhanced Statistical Quality Control (SQC) capability designed to detect nonconformance trending before it reaches pre-defined thresholds.

For pharmaceutical QA/QC labs, enhanced SampleManager Stability improves study management, substudy execution and planning and maintenance of study inventory. SampleManager also automatically calculates the expiration date throughout a study to verify label claims.

SampleManager’s workflow technology simplifies system configuration to meet the laboratory's needs today and in the future, optimizing the informatics investment and enabling comprehensive integration with enterprise systems across the business. SampleManager is a fully integrated informatics solution for today's modern laboratory.

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Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image

Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |  Available Worldwide

3.4 / 5.0 | 2 reviews