Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

The latest release of Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS—the most widely deployed LIMS in the world—delivers enhanced functionality that empowers timely decision making. SampleManager provides more

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Review date: 20 Mar 2014

Application Area: Pharmaceutical
Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™

"We are looking to replace Beckman Coulter LIMS with potentially Thermo Fisher Sample manager. They seem to be able to transfer our legacy system to this system or at least are willing to work with us to do so."



The latest release of Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS—the most widely deployed LIMS in the world—delivers enhanced functionality that empowers timely decision making.

SampleManager provides a solid foundation for a total lab automation platform by integrating disparate instruments and laboratory processes with key enterprise and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP. Scalable to a very large user base and available in multiple languages, the full-featured system is ideal for both local and global deployments.

SampleManager gives users ownership of workflow management, allowing labs to build workflows that reflect their particular operations and synchronizing them with the changing requirements of the lab—all without specialist IT intervention.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™ Features:

  • Saves time and simplifies user interactions via automated workflows that guide users through lab processes
  • User-friendly interface lets users create multiple daily toolbars, providing easy access to frequently used functions
  • Enhanced traceability features enable more rigorous control over samples and more reliable data for decision-making and compliance
  • Tracks, displays and reports samples by any required criteria
  • Allows automated results entry from all leading laboratory instrumentation—without extensive custom coding
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality lets users tailor reports to suit specific requirements, and output them in Microsoft® applications, PDF, XML and CSV formats
  • Web browser and desktop clients provide “anywhere, anytime” access to all functionality
  • Comprehensive audit trail and compliance features streamline compliance for laboratories in regulated environments
  • Advanced data visualization tools make it easy for managers to monitor and measure performance against key metrics
  • User-configurable dashboards track multiple criteria of interest—including energy usage, waste reduction, resource utilization, standards compliance, lot traceability, hot spot alerts, production levels, quality parameters, geographical mapping, etc.
  • Proven, dependable technology and robust, reliable functionality ensure smooth, large-scale deployments and reduces support burden
  • Can be deployed with WebAccess™, desktop or Citrix clients, in any combination
  • Open architecture, industry standard tools, languages and databases and .NET development environment allow rapid prototyping and easier integration
  • Provides enhanced functionality for specific industries or different lab types without time-intensive, costly coding
  • Readily scales up to support a large, growing number of users and labs
  • Sophisticated access and permission features ensure secure access to data across the organization.


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