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SampleLock Syringe

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  • Lock your sample in the SampleLock syringe with the easy-to-use twist valve

  • Inject internal standards through the valve port into samples contained in the SampleLock syringe

  • Pressurize gaseous samples prior to GC injection

  • Prevent loss of sample and plunger blowout at elevated pressures with the positive rear plunger stop

    Hamilton Company's SampleLock syringes allow you to collect, store, transport, and analyze liquid or gaseous samples without the danger of evaporative loss or environmental contamination.

    Common applications for Sample-Lock syringes include headspace and environmental sample collection and storage, pre-pressurization of gaseous samples for GC analysis, and sample spiking. A 5 and 25 mL version of the syringe is available for purge and trap applications.

    SampleLock syringes combine the quality of the world-renowned Hamilton GASTIGHT® syringe with an easy-to-use twist valve. Syringes are available in sizes ranging from 50 µL to 100 mL. A positive rear stop on SampleLock syringes (250 µL to 100 mL) prevents plunger blowout and loss of sample. Optional male and female luer and male luer lock adapters thread onto the SampleLock valve making the syringe compatible with a multitude of connectors and fittings.

    For improved precision and accuracy, the SampleLock syringes may be purchased calibrated with Hamilton Company's Digital Syringe.™