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SampleGenie 3

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SampleGenie 3 - Drying Large Volumes Directly into Vials

There are many situations where a large volume needs to be dried or concentrated and placed into a small vial. On some occasions a number of large volumes need to be dried and placed into one vial, like when combining HPLC purification fractions. Typically many stages are needed to achieve this seemingly simple end result, including:
  • Dry the large volume(s)
  • Redissolve in small volume of strong solvent
  • Pipette to final vial of choice
  • Dry small vial

During this process sample losses may occur and the integrity of the sample may be affected. Typically DMSO is needed to dissolve the sample before transfer to the small vial, DMSO is very difficult to dry and residual DMSO will prevent an accurate dry weight being determined.

Genevac is pleased to present the SampleGenie which enables all of this process to be achieved in one simple step, saving time by eliminating sample handling and therefore removing potential causes of sample loss and damage.