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Purify 96 different plasmid minipreps in 30 minutes.

Laboratory efficiency is a major concern when preparing large numbers of samples. Reliability, reproducibility, and hands-on time can affect overall costs, particularly if preparations must be repeated. The binary plate configuration is designed to eliminated problems commonly associated with 96-well plate sample purifications, such as cross-contamination. Designed to provide the most reliable performance — not only well-to-well but also plate-to-plate. Aurum plasmid 96 kit produces highly purified samples with the fewest handling steps available in a 96-well format.

Binary Technology

Bio-Rad developed the membrane-based Aurum plasmid 96 system to facilitate routine high-throughput sample preparation in genomics laboratories. Using patent-pending technology, lysate filtration and plasmid DNA binding are performed in a single step. Vastly improving efficiency and throughput of small-scale parallel processing of up to 96 different samples, Aurum binary technology provides a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method of plasmid purification.

Versatile Formats

Aurum plasmid 96 is specifically designed to provide multiple options to the high-throughput user. With options in robotic or manual preparation format, levels of throughput, and automatic protocols, you can choose a procedure that best suits your needs. Individual robotics protocols and guides are available upon request.