Sample Preparation Block Systems and Supplies by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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Sample Preparation Block Systems and Supplies
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PerkinElmer Analytical Sample Preparation Blocks for Environmental Analysis

PerkinElmer provides a variety of sample preparation blocks and accessories for your laboratory needs. Laboratory best practices demand modern techniques. Yesterday’s laboratory used hot plates to digest samples for sample preparation. But common digestion problems including rusting, cross contamination, and poor sample temperature control often occurred. Today’s laboratory benefits from advanced sample preparation solutions. With no exposed metal components and an outer shell made from acid-resistant thermoplastic, the PerkinElmer® SPB blocks reduce the chance of sample contamination, while improving your temperature control.

Features and Benefits of the Analytical Sample Preparation Blocks 
•  Ideal for any digestion/heating method which requires a temperature below 180 ºC
•  Provides uniform temperature (±1.0 ºC across the block)
•  Delivers even sample evaporation results
•  Teflon®- coated graphite block resists aggressive, corrosive attack