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The Sample Master® LIMS product line is a complete and total data management solution for various types of laboratories. Sample Master® is modular by design allowing customers to purchase only modules that are required and allowing for expansion as the laboratory grows. Sample Master® utilizes the ease and familiarity of MS Windows while using the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle as the database engine. Sample Master® can be used by small and large laboratories by matching the size of the database engine to the need of the laboratory.

Sample Master® uses the latest database technoloy, allowing flexibility when choosing hardware and software specific to the laboratories needs. It can be used on PCs over a local area or wide area network and is 100% Windows compatible. Sample Master® can be linked to any ODBC compliant SQL database because all processing occurs on the server. This provides greater processing strength and reduces network traffic.

Sample Master® is a truly scalable LIMS that will grow with your laboratory. It was designed to be used without manuals. On-line help with context sensitive lookup, on-line searching and a tutorial makes Sample Master® easy and friendly for first time users. Sample Master® allows seamless integration with the Microsoft Office Suite, other Windows' applications, and enterprise applications such as ERP, financial and BPM.

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