Sample Library Construction Kits

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AMSBIO's Sample Library Construction Kits reduce NGS workflow complexity, shorten sample library preparation time and labour, and minimise errors by eliminating extra steps and optimising the experiment protocol.

With input RNA requirement as low as 0.5ng, AMSBIO kits can be used for the sample preparation from rare and difficult to obtain sources, such as the pathological samples. They can also be used for the situations where the samples are degraded as with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue samples.

Sample Library Construction Kits Features:

  • Directional mRNA and small RNA NGS library construction
  • Low RNA input
  • Streamlined workflow process
  • Reduced cost of reagents
  • Easy to use, all-in-one kit

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Sample Library Construction Kits

Manufacturer AMSBIO

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