Sample Access Manager — SAM

Sample Access Manager — SAM
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Automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility, and ease of use in a mid-sized store.   The SAM is a compact, more

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Review date: 29 Nov 2012

Application Area: Neuroscience
Sample Access Manager — SAM

"The sample access manager is very good for injected tracers. The customer service is very fast and problems are resolved quickly. I would recommend this sample access manager."



Automated sample management system available in both -20°C and -80°C platforms that combines reliability, robustness, flexibility, and ease of use in a mid-sized store.
The SAM is a compact, robust and localized storage system for secure sample management of plates and tubes. Our patented automation not only eliminates freeze-thaw cycles, but also limits any moisture introduction into the system, therefore maintaining the integrity of samples. The system continuously monitors the -20°C / -80°C sample environment, even during picking, ensuring the samples never reach critical sample temperature until only the requested samples are presented for collection.

Speed - Retrieves Samples in Less Than 70 Seconds: Our patented robotics quickly retrieve 1-D and 2-D barcoded samples.

Flexible Sample Storage - Each system can store up to three labware types per system, allowing for the utmost flexibility. The SAM is capable of storing microtubes, vials, vacutainers and microplates, as well as any SBS format rack up to 100 mm.

Sample Tracking / Audit Trail - Our sample management software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant to meet the rigorous demands for sample security.
Security - Users may be granted differing levels of system operation with access restriction to specific sample sets. Sample sets can be physically stored as a group and consolidated or defragmented by implementing pick list housekeeping procedures. Also, we provide a standard UPS and optional LN2 backup in case of any electrical or refrigeration failures.
SAMple Picker/Puncher - The integrated tube processing module allows for a fast and easy way to cherry-pick or punch desired tubes or vials in a controlled inert environment. Tube types include Abgene, Corning, Greiner, Matrix, Micronic, Nunc and REMP.
External Magnetic Couplers - Our patented technology allows the internal robotics to be driven by the external magnetic couplers. This technology eliminates any moisture being introduced within the system while maintaining sample quality and increasing system reliability.


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