Sampl'air LITE Microbial air sampler by AES CHEMUNEX

Manufacturer AES CHEMUNEX

Sampl'air LITE Microbial air sampler by AES CHEMUNEX product image
Sampl'air LITE Microbial air sampler

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SAMPL'AIR LITE is a new generation air sampler with ISO 14698-1 validated performance.
Sampl'air bio-collector collects over 99% of microorganisms (Whyte et al., 2007)
Proven efficiency even for smallest particles.
Validated performance (ISO 14698-1) by the Health Protection Agency (HPA, UK)

High accuracy and reproducibility - Secured sampling
• Electronic speed and flowrate auto control
• Battery load indicator and secured cycle (start not allowed if battery load not sufficient to complete a cycle)
• Individually tested with its grid installed, comes with a control certificate
Optimise microbial airmonitoring
• Comprehensive range of specifically designed ready-to-use culture media
• Radio sterilized media available in triple packaging