S220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicator

Manufacturer Covaris, Inc.
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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Next Generation Sequencing

"Amazing product that allows you to obtain high quality fragments, in a target range without stress and in an easy way. Absolutely indispensable for a HTP Next Generation Sequencing Lab. Not Time Consuming! You will save money for your next experiments."

Review date: 22 Aug 2014 | S220 High Performance Ultra-Sonicator
The S220 Ultra sonicator reproducibly shears DNA to desired lengths, in single-sample mode. The S220 is optimized for next-gen nucleic acid sequencing and is endorsed by all leading next-gen sequencing suppliers. The S220 is used in all major genome centers worldwide. The S220 utilizes proven industry-standard Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic™ AFA™ technology to precisely shear DNA samples.
The S-series is also capable of extremely rapid and complete homogenization, tissue disruption and sample extraction. As part of Covaris family of instruments, the S220 (and S220x high power) provide single-tube sample preparation with scalable acoustic energy, capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes. The S220 can be operated in stand-alone mode or can be easily integrated as part of an automated laboratory system. In either configuration, the S220 provides world-class AFA™ sample preparation technology to our customers.

Covaris™ S220 high performance focused ultra-sonicators deliver industry leading sample processing capability directly to the benchtop. The new S-series is a workstation-based instrument capable of extremely rapid and complete shearing, homogenization, tissue disruption and sample extraction.

Our highly efficient, and reproducible sample preparation, utilizing the proprietary Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA) technology, eliminates operator induced variation, improves recoveries, increases efficiency, and provides standardized results.