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S1 TURBO SD Handheld XRF Spectrometer So what makes the S1 TURBO SD such an important innovation in this field? The key is the XFlash® Silicon Drift Detector, which offers count rates and resoluti...read more

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Review date: 14 May 2012

Application Area: X-ray fluorescence, determining elemental composition of different standards

"Can use XRF in lab or in field because it is portable. Very easy to obtain results from liquid or solid samples. POrtable XRF is very convenient for field experiments, very sensitive. It will detect very heavy elements in a sample as well as those with a greater mass number than 12."



S1 TURBO SD Handheld XRF Spectrometer

So what makes the S1 TURBO SD such an important innovation in this field? The key is the XFlash® Silicon Drift Detector, which offers count rates and resolution far superior to traditional SiPIN detector technology. This results in even faster analysis – 2-3 second grade ID’s and 5 seconds for elemental chemical analysis (excluding light elements). That’s about five times faster than previous generations.

The improved resolution and count rate provides lower detection limits for all elements analyzed. Combine that with an extensive Alloy grade library and you have one of the most powerful handheld analyzers currently available on the market.

The benefits at a glance

• Supports many calibrations and applications, including PMI, Scrap metal sorting and Mining & Exploration
• The first ever SDD-based handheld analyzer
• Superior count rates and resolution (compared to previous generation SiPin instruments)
• Five times faster than previous generations
• Lower detection limits
• Grade library includes low alloy steel, tool steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, zirconium alloys and tungsten alloys
• Easy analysis of light elements, such as magnesium, aluminum and silicon, without the need for vacuum or helium atmosphere (S1 TURBO SD LE only)

Clarity and usability

We believe the best technology should be intuitive and instinctive to use. Every element of the S1 TURBOSD has been designed with this in mind. The bright display makes it easy to read in any lighting conditions. The touch screen means you can operate the whole machine with one finger, whether inputting a password or pulling the trigger. The operating system is Microsoft Windows® – so well known that it’s almost universal. Data transfer options include Microsoft ActivSync® via USB cable or wireless Bluetooth connection, as well as using an SD card. Built-in memory also makes it possible to store thousands of spectra and millions of results safely.


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