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The Covaris S-series are advanced instruments based on technologies developed from both medical diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound industries. Covaris has developed numerous applications for the biological laboratory; using our S-series products, many processes can be completed within seconds.

The scalable energy of the S-series systems processes various volumes and masses in seconds. Sample integrity is maintained as the Covaris process is non-contact (for example, no evaporation or probe contact) and non-ionizing. As the process occurs in a closed vessel, there is no cross-talk between samples. Additionally, closed tube processing allows head-space modification, such as a biochemically inert gas for labile molecules. Isothermal, reflux processes from 4ºC to 40ºC are standard.

Broad Range of Applications of the Covaris S-Series: 

• Tissue disruption and homogenization 
• Sample extraction for metabolic and proteomic profiling 
• DNA shearing 
• Chromatin shearing 
• RNA extraction 
• Cell lysis 
• Compound dissolution 
• Compound formulation 
• ADME/Tox

Covaris S2 is used in most applications. We may recommend other S-series models for certain specialized projects. S-series instruments may also be integrated into robotic systems for enhanced automation. Please contact Covaris for further details. The standard S-series configuration uses a borosilicate culture tube with polypropylene screw-top closure. Additionally, the process enables tubes to have surface modifications for special applications (e.g., parylene or silane coating).

Our proprietary software, SonoLab™, runs on Windows® XP with easy-to-use-tools. The system may also be configured for ActiveX control.

The bench-top size system is approximately 21 cm wide, 31 cm high and 52 cm deep. The unit includes a notebook computer and, if required, a chiller may be readily attached.

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