Rxi®-1HT by Restek Corp.

Manufacturer Restek Corp.

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3-IN-1 TECHNOLOGY with Rxi® columns:

• Highest Inertness
• Lowest Bleed
• Exceptional Reproducibility

Rxi® columns are more stable at high temperatures than any other manufacturer’s column, resulting in higher system sensitivity. This low-bleed characteristic is the result of superior stabilization achieved by optimizing polymer cross-linking and surface deactivation technologies. Benefits of using ultra-low bleed Rxi® columns include:

• Increased sensitivity, for lower detection limits and better matches to mass spectral libraries.
• Faster system stabilization.
• Reduced detector contamination results in less downtime for maintenance.

Rxi®-1HT (fused silica) columns offer outstanding thermal stability; minimal bleed even at 430°C.