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The RX.2000 is a high performance stopped-flow accessory that enables your existing UV-vis spectrometer, fluorimeter and CD polarimeter to be used to follow reactions that are at least a thousand fold faster than those accessible manually.  With a dead-time of only 8ms, first order reaction rates in excess of 200s-1 can be followed. The RX.2000 is easily the most accomplished device of its type, making use of the latest advances in stopped-flow design, combined with the simplicity, robustness and reliability of high quality instrument engineering. In one action the RX.2000 mixes two reactants, fills a sample cell, stops the flow and simultaneously provides an output trigger. Its dual pathlength micro-volume cell employs the latest silica fusion technology to give the highest possible optical efficiency and specification. All crucial sample flow circuit surfaces are biocompatible and chemically inert. In addition, carefully selected materials are used throughout to protect the instrument from aggressive chemicals. In addition the entire flow circuit and the drive syringes themselves are located within a thermostattable bath for accurate sample temperature control.