RW 28 basic mechanical overhead stirrer

Manufacturer IKA Works, Inc.

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Powerful, mechanically controlled stirrer. Suitable for quantities up to 80 liters(H2O). For use in laboratories and pilot plant stations.

Max viscosity:  50,000mPas
Capacity:  80 Liters

Speed Range I (50 HZ) 60-400 rpm
Speed Range II (50 HZ) 240-1,400 rpm
Speed Range I (60 HZ) 70-480 rpm
Speed Range II (60 HZ) 288-1,680 rpm

RW 28 Package includes: RW 28 basic drive, R271 boss head clamp, R2723 telescopic stand, R1385 propeller stirrer. IKA# 9019401 Call for pricing

• Push-through agitator elements
• Two speed ranges for highly viscous media and intensive mixing

Ident. No. 276001