Ruskinn SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation by The Baker Company

Manufacturer The Baker Company

Ruskinn SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation by The Baker Company product image
Ruskinn SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation

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Sci-tive has been designed to mimic in-vivo conditions providing a continuous cell culture environment which eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation yielding better stem cell lines.

Key Features
•  'Lab in a Box' - a Complete Closed Cell Culture Workstation
•  Offers very stable, user defined O2, CO2, temperature and humidity control
•  Large incubated working area allows incubation, passaging, media transfers and cell culture
•  Large pass through interlock easily holds a variety of flasks, dishes and tubes
•  Built in HEPA filtration system for both main Workstation and Interlock complies with, Class 5 (ISO 14644-1), Class 100 (FED 209E), and Grade B (EU TCD 2004/23/EU)
•  Direct-Hand Access into Workstation, using simple Ezee Plug system, takes seconds!
•  Fully expandable, with options to upgrade to Dual Workstation Model