Ruskinn Anaerobic Workstations by The Baker Company

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Ruskinn Anaerobic Workstations

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For almost 20 years Ruskinn anaerobic workstations have been the trusted choice for laboratories around the world. Over 1000 anaerobic workstations are installed in more than 40 countries - and over 200 research publications feature the Ruskinn technology. These anaerobic workstations are designed specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads.

Key Features of Ruskinn anaerobic workstations:
•  Quick and easy direct access - gloveless cuffed sleeves (Ezee™ Sleeves) take less than 40 seconds to get inside workstation with hands
•  Shortest airlock cycle time in the industry - as little as 15 seconds
•  Single plate entry system (SPES) - standard on most models, this mailbox-like slot allows quick side entry or exit of individual plates, bypassing the interlock cycling process
•  Minimal maintenance and downtime - with annual or biennial preventative maintenance kits available

Multiple models and a variety of options are available to fit your specific needs.
•  Bug Box - Your Personal Workstation - Up to 270 plate capacity (90 mm)
•  Bug Box Plus - Compact Workstation with Larger Interlock - Up to 234 plate capacity (90 mm)
•  CONCEPT 400 - Perfect for Mid-Sized or Larger Workloads - Up to 536 plate capacity (90 mm)
•  CONCEPT Plus - Larger Interlock For Transfer of Small Equipment - Up to 650 plate capacity (90 mm)
•  CONCEPT 1000 - Dual Chambers for Multi-User Access - Up to 1072 plate capacity (90 mm)