RT-CIM cell migration and invasion assay system

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The RT-CIM™ System is a novel system to monitor cell invasion and cell migration.

The core of the system is the RT-CIM™ device, composed of an upper chamber (or a top chamber) and a lower chamber (or a bottom chamber). The upper chamber has 16 wells that are sealed at the bottom with a micro-pore-containing polycarbonate (PC) or polyester (PET) membrane. The membrane contains microelectronic sensor arrays that are integrated on its bottom surface. The lower chamber serves as a reservoir for media.

Cells are added to the upper chamber and are detected by measuring the electronic impedance of sensor electrodes integrated on the membrane after they migrate/invade through membrane pores. Based on the impedance measured, a dimensionless parameter, Cell Index, is derived and reported to provide quantitative information about number of migrating cells. As with the RT-CES® system, detection of cell invasion and migration on the RT-CIM™ system does not require labels or reporters.

The RT-CIM™ System can be configured in a number of ways, including...

-   The 16X RT-CIM™ System: composed of four main components - a W200 RT-CES® analyzer, 16X RT-CIM™ station, a computer which runs RT-CES® SP Software and 16X RT-CIM™ devices. During an assay, the RT-CIM™ devices with the cells added to the top chamber are mounted to the RT-CIM™ station, which is located inside a tissue culture incubator. Under the SP Software control, the RT-CES® analyzer in conjunction with the RT-CIM™ station automatically selects individual sensor electrode arrays for measurement and continuously transfers measured impedance data to the computer. Cell index values, derived from the measured impedances, are continuously displayed on the Software user-interface.

- The Personal System: composed of three main components functioning as a single, integrated instrument - the RT-CIM™ personal station, a computer/softare package, and 16X RT-CIM™ devices. The personal RT-CIM™ station is located inside a tissue culture incubator.

- RT-CIM™ Migration Devices: single-use, disposable devices used for performing cell invasion or cell migration assays on the RT-CIM™ system.

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RT-CIM cell migration and invasion assay system

Manufacturer ACEA Biosciences, Inc.

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