Thermo Scientific™ RSLCnano Pump with Column Compartment

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The Thermo Scientific NCS-3500RS module provides a dual-gradient pump and column compartment in one housing.

The high-pressure gradient (HPG) pump for nano or capillary flow rates features continuous direct flow delivery from 20 nL/min to 50 µL/min at pressures up to 800 bar. It is combined with a ternary low-pressure gradient (LPG) micro pump and a column compartment. This unique combination allows you to customize your separation for the highest resolution or the fastest analysis time, all within one module.

Thermo Scienitific RSLCnano HPG Pump

The high-pressure gradient (HPG) nano pump for nano, capillary, or micro flow delivery features continuous direct-flow delivery from 20 nL/min to 50 µL/min at pressures up to 800 bars. The RSLCnano HPG pump is available as integrated with a loading pump and column compartment (NCS-3500RS) in a single module, and as a standalone pump (NCP-3200RS).

  • The extensive flow-pressure footprint of the HPG nano pump gives the application flexibility required by analytical laboratories today.
  • The dual-piston pump heads ensure splitless flow delivery that is interruption free. The HPG nano pump will allow continuous operation as long as eluent is available. The innovative flow meter unit provides a closed loop flow control. This ensures accurate flow and accurate gradient delivery all the time, with every solvent.
  • Nano or capillary flow ranges are selected by simply exchanging the dedicated flow selector.
    LPG Micro Pump
  • Ternary LPG micro titanium pump to accommodate preconcentration or advanced 2D workflows
  • Isocratic flow delivery from 10 µL/min
  • Gradient flow delivery from 50 µL/min to 2500 µL/min

RSLCnano Column Compartment

The NCS-3500RS has an integrated column compartment with up to two high-pressure switching valves. The thermostatted column compartment improves repeatability and can be heated up to 75 °C to improve chromatographic results.

  • The integrated column compartment in the NCS offers up to two high-pressure switching valves for applications up to 800 bar.
  • The valves can be pulled forward for maximum ease-of-use while making fluidic connections
  • The snap-in valves allow tool-free removal for easier accessibility
  • The nanoViper™ connection system provides fingertight, zero-dead-volume connections between valve and column perfectly suited for the RSLCnano systems.
  • The wide space and efficient design of the oven compartment allows thermostatted operation of nano columns up to 1 meter in length (coiled).