ROTOFIX 32 A Benchtop Centrifuge by Andreas Hettich GmbH

ROTOFIX 32 A Benchtop Centrifuge by Andreas Hettich GmbH product image
ROTOFIX 32 A Benchtop Centrifuge

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The Hettich ROTOFIX 32 A is the ideal benchtop centrifuge for performing daily routine tasks in doctors’ laboratories and small hospitals. 

The performance and capacity of the Hettich ROTOFIX Centrifuge are designed to easily and efficiently process all incoming samples. Larger hospitals appreciate the ROTOFIX 32 A for spinning occasional samples in between. Eleven rotors and an extensive range of accessories accept a wide variety of blood collection systems and standard tubes up to 4 x 100 ml, thereby enabling a multitude of applications.

But not only in clinical chemistry, also in cytology the Hettich ROTOFIX 32 A does a perfect job. Special accessories turn the ROTOFIX 32 A into a cyto centrifuge that can accommodate a maximum of 8 slides per run. The scope of this Hettich centrifuge, however, is not limited to medical applications. A wide range of accessories qualifies the ROTOFIX 32 A just as well for the preparation of samples in industry and research laboratories. Also, for the test of chrome baths suitable tubes are available.

Key features of the Hettich ROTOFIX centrifuge include:

• metal housing and lid 
• stainless steel centrifuging chamber 
• practical lid locking device
• viewing port in the lid