(disabled) ROTINA 380 / 380 R Benchtop Centrifuges

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Size, speed and performance define the new ROTINA 380 series benchtop centrifuge from Hettich.

In addition to a slew of features, the ROTINA 380 occupies relatively little bench space, allowing the user to maximize their limited workspace. With a maximum capacity of 4 x 290 ml bottles and the addition of many new rotors, the ROTINA 380 is a general-purpose powerhouse.

With an increase in performance, comes a greater commitment to safety features. All Hettich ROTINA 380’s come with automatic rotor recognition, an imbalance sensor with shut-off, motor overheating protection and an emergency lid lock release. The ROTINA 380 centrifuge is covered by an industry-leading 2 year warranty on parts and service and is backed by Hettich’s dedicated customer service team.

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Maximise Your Limited Workspace
10 Dec 2008

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(disabled) ROTINA 380 / 380 R Benchtop Centrifuges

Manufacturer Andreas Hettich GmbH

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