Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera by QImaging

Manufacturer QImaging  |  Available Worldwide
Combines unprecedented speed with high resolution and low light sensitivity.

Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera by QImaging product image
Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera

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The Rolera EM-C2 camera is a versatile bio-imaging platform which combines unprecedented 40 MHz speed with high resolution and low light sensitivity.

Its Easy-EM™ feature provides one-click optimization of the camera’s EM gain settings in all modes of speed. Instant experimental repeatability is possible as each camera is uniquely characterized and operational with the best read noise reduction, dynamic range, and limited EM noise injection.

Stream video of your experiment at 34.2 full frames per second. View live cells in high speed, with 200+ FPS using binning and ROIs.

Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera Features:

  • Easy-EM mode - This new feature automatically sets the EM Gain at an optimal S/N level, enabling you to set simple reproducibility of to your experiment conditions.
  • >100 frames per second cell imaging - Gain the ability to see cellular events at extremely high frame rates.
  • 34.2 full frames per second - Provides more frames per second enabling you to capture rapidly occurring events in more temporal detail.
  • Low noise – 20 electrons at full speed operation - Allows you to more rapidly detect low light signals. Allows less multiplication gain to be applied to reach sub electron read-noise.
  • High speed Dynamic Range of 1600:1 - Enables a greater range of dim and bright objects to be seen in the same image.
  • Lightweight and small footprint – 2.1 pounds - Easier to handle which is beneficial when setting up extensive equipment.
  • Full Two-Year warranty (USA only) - Gain peace of mind with this industry-leading warranty.
  • Firewire B connectivity - Allows for simplified connectivity to computers and easily runs on a laptop.
  • 40MHz speed - Provides the fastest full frame rate available.
  • QICam driver control - More extensive software support. Operate this camera using a variety of different software packages.

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Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera by QImaging product image

Rolera™ EM-C2 EMCCD Camera

Manufacturer QImaging  |  Available Worldwide

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