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Agilents RNA Spike-In Kit allows researchers to efficiently monitor microarray workflow for linearity, sensitivity and accuracy. Each spike mix contains ten in vitro synthesized, polyadenylated transcripts in predetermined ratios. When they are hybridized onto Agilent microarray control probes, the data needed to track performance and assure confidence is readily accessible.

  • Each transcript was constructed by the cloning of a unique 55-mer sequence into the human adenovirus type 6 E1A 13S gene
  • Sample required per reaction is 200 ng of Poly A(+) RNA, or 50 - > 2000 ng total RNA
  • Transcripts specifically anneal only to complementary microarray probes with minimal self- or cross-hybridization
  • Spike-In transcripts specifically anneal only to complementary control probes on Agilent's microarrays, with minimal self- or cross-hybridization
  • Kit should be stored initially at 80°C for up to one year from date of result. Diluted spike mixes can be stored at 20°C for up 2 months.

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