RNA Phosphoramidites by Bioneer

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RNA Phosphoramidites
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Phosphoramidites for RNA oligonucleotides synthesis and more.

Features of RNA Phosphoramidites:

  • Amine groups are protected by “either a benzoyl or isobutyryl group {dA(Bz), dC(Bz), dG(Ib)}.
  • Cleavage and deprotection procedures for RNA synthesis is similar to DNA synthesis, with just an additional step to remove the 2'-OH protecting group.
  • The 2'-OH group is protected by a tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) group to prevent derivatization and degradation during the synthesis cycle.
  • Standard RNA amidites provide excellent coupling efficiency when used together with either ETT or BTT as an activator.
  • The purities of manufactured nucleoside phosphoramidites are quality control-checked by RP HPLC/31P-NMR analysis. (RP- HPLC: ≥ 97%, 31P-NMR: ≥ 98%)

Technical Information for RNA Phosphoramidites:

  • rA(Bz)-CE phosphoramidite
  • rC(Bz)-CE phosphoramidite
  • rG(Ib)-CE phosphoramidite
  • rU-CE phosphoramidite