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RNA Isolation Kits

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Aurora’s ready-to-use nucleic acid extraction and isolation kits provide a simple, straight-forward solution. These extraction kits provide excellent sensitivity and specificity. These extraction kits have been optimized for use in automated liquid handling workstations but may also be used by scientists desiring manual protocols. By combining these DNA and RNA extraction kits with Aurora’s VERSA™ liquid handling workstations, laboratories can fully automate the nucleic acid extraction and isolation process thereby reducing cost and operator error, while increasing efficiency. Our kits provide easy solutions for a full range of nucleic acid isolation protocols, including plasmid DNA isolation, genomic DNA and RNA isolation, as well as DNA or RNA extraction clean up.
The AB96 Filter Column Binding RNA kit is designed to carry out the isolation of total RNA from cells and soft tissues using a standardized 96-well plate format. Up to 1x106 cells and 10mg soft tissues can be processed in each well of the 96-well RNA plate. Purified RNA can then be used for a variety of downstream applications such as RT-PCR, Northern Blotting, Nuclease Protection Assay and in vitro translation. The AB96 Magnetic Binding RNA kit provides an efficient mechanism with which to carry out total RNA isolation. This kit allows for the rapid and reliable isolation of high-quality total cellular RNA from cultured cells. The kit combines the nucleic acid binding properties of our paramagnetic particles with an RNA Isolation system, thereby providing superior quality RNA. Unlike column based systems, the binding of nucleic acids to magnetic particles occurs in solution, which improves both binding kinetics and binding efficiency. Particles are completely re-suspended during the purification protocol by the subsequent wash steps, which enhances contact between the wash buffer and sample and removal of contaminants. This increases nucleic acid purity. The kit includes the Dnase I digestion step in order to remove genomic DNA contamination. The AB96 Magnetic Binding RNA Kit Dnase procedure can be fully automated using Aurora’s VERSA™ liquid handling workstations.
The AB96 Magnetic Binding FFPE RNA Kit is specially designed for isolation of total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections. The sample is first processed in special buffer by heating to deactivated RNase/DNase and deparaffinization. Then the lysate is treated with Proteinase K to digest proteins. The cleared lysate is then mixed with magnetic binding particles to capture the RNA. After a few quick wash steps, purified RNA can be eluted with water or low salt buffer. It is a fast, short, and streamlined protocol that can be fully-automated. This kit ensures high quality RNA isolate through complete removal of contaminants and inhibitors.

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RNA Isolation Kits by Aurora Biomed product image