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The Agilent RNA ScreenTape assay provides efficient and reliable analysis of total RNA samples from eukaryotic or prokaryotic origin providing quality, quantity and sizing information.

The RNA integrity number equivalent (RINe) delivers an instant and objective evaluation of eukaryotic and prokaryotic total RNA degradation.

The Agilent RNA ScreenTape assay is used in combination with the 2200 TapeStation system for the determination of quality and quantity of total RNA samples from eukaryote or prokaryote origin.

RNA Analysis ScreenTape Features:

  • Results are obtained in approximately 1 minute per sample
  • RINe for accurate and objective assessment of total RNA degradation
  • Ready-to-use consumables provide excellent reproducibility
  • No cross contamination and sample carryover
  • Partially used ScreenTape devices can be used at a later point in time