Thermo Scientific™ RLSCnano Well Plate Autosampler

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The Thermo Scientific WPS-3000 Well Plate Autosampler has been specifically designed to provide unattended sample throughput, combined with highly reproducible injections of even the smallest samples volumes.

The RLSCnano Well Plate Sampler extends these capabilities to pressures up to 1000 bar. It is the ideal solution for chromatography users looking to work with the highest injection precision at nano, capillary, and micro flow rates in UHPLC applications.

The sample rack handles up to three well plates (96 or 384 wells—sealed or unsealed) or sample vial trays, or combinations thereof. Sample plates can be exchanged flawlessly during a run. The cooling option cools the samples down to 4 °C, preserving thermolabile samples.

  • Three well plate capacity (up to 1152 samples)
  • Injection valve pressure stability up to 1000 bar
  • Patented sample thermostatting, 4–45 °C, 22 °C below ambient
  • Sealed sample compartment for outstanding temperature stability
  • Allows injections of thermolabile proteins
  • Dual-needle injection principle
  • Large injection range: 20 nL to 125 µL
  • Unmatched injection precision
  • Lowest carryover: typically <0.01%