rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module by Sartorius Group

Manufacturer Sartorius Group

rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module by Sartorius Group product image
rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module
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The Sartorius rLINE is an OEM Dispenser Module suitable for various automated liquid handling applications.

The Sartorius rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module brings the proven technology of Sartorius electronic pipettes into the field of laboratory automation. The rLINE has been developed as an ideal front-end liquid handling component for automated sample processing.

The rLINE combines numerous unique and innovative features, like electronic tip ejection and Optiload tip pick-up, to improve the performance and functionality of sample processors and automated instrumentation.  The product is mainly used in clinical and research automation systems requiring automated liquid handling.

All Sartorius rLINEs share the common features of the trusted handheld products:

  • Small size and light weight for best fit with any instrument
  • High accuracy and precision for reliable results
  • Easy connectivity for rapid integration

The rLINE is available as single-channel models,  covering 1 µl to 1000 µl volume ranges, and as 8-channel models, from 1 µl to 1200 µl volumes. Additionally, a 250 µl single-channel version is available off-the-shelf for evaluation and feasibility testing purposes. Robotic 250 µl tips in robotic racks are also available off-the-shelf.

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rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module by Sartorius Group product image