RITE-Gels 2D Pre-cast Gels by NBS Biologicals Ltd.

RITE-Gels 2D Pre-cast Gels by NBS Biologicals Ltd. product image
RITE-Gels 2D Pre-cast Gels
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These two dimensional format gels are pre-cast actylamide Tris-Glycine gradient mini-gels and are for use in the second stage of a two stage electophoresis process.  The 2D RITE Gels are pre-poured with a 1mm gel thickness, one molecular weight reference sample lane and an overall dimension of 10x10cm to fit most vertical electrophoresis systems.

Pre-cast electrophoresis gels for the 2D separation of proteins form 6 to 240 kDa, full gradient across the entire separating gel length, compatible with most vertical electophresis units, available in gradient formats of 8-16% or 10-20%.