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RFP -Trap® - use your fluorescence fusion as tag for biochemical studies

Curiously RFP, a widely used labeling tag in cell biology, is rarely used for biochemical analyses. This may be due in part to limited RFP antibody availability and specificity as well as co-eluted heavy and light antibody chains that interfere with subsequent analyses.

Superior results in a fraction of the time
The ChromoTek RFP-Trap® overcomes these problems: The high quality RFP-binding protein is coupled to a monovalent matrix (agarose beads or magnetic particles) for convenient one-step biochemical analyses of RFP fusion proteins and their interacting partners.
Thanks to the high stability and specificity it’s easy to handle, the small size of the RFP-Trap® ensures clean results.
Unparalleled Consistency
The controlled, recombinant manufacturing process of RFP-Trap® ensures highest consistency and reproducibility of the biochemical experiments.

Use RFP-Trap® for:

• (one-step) Pulldowns/ Immunoprecipitations
• Co-IP
• Mass spectroscopy
• Enzyme activity measurements
• ChIP analysis