Revolution® DSD Core by Andor Technology

Manufacturer Andor Technology

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Revolution® DSD Core

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The Revolution® DSD Core is offered on inverted microscopes with a cover that provides rationalized cable management. It’s an innovative hybrid technology with features like unique design for easy filter exchange, Full spectrum, laser-free, and Excellent confocality.

Laser-free confocal microscopy
Andor's Revolution DSD is an innovative hybrid of spinning disk technology and structured illumination. This unique laser-free design delivers a budget friendly confocal solution to your laboratory. A simple device, which can even be added to an existing fluorescence microscope in your lab, the Revolution DSD means that confocal imaging can be a routine technique in your own lab. Whilst laser-free, the Revolution DSD can still achieve the optical sectioning and image quality you expect of a complex laser scanning confocal system, but with low maintenance costs. Furthermore, it does not need an expert to run it!

The DSD delivers high contrast, low background images with objective magnifications from 10x to 100x, using air, water or oil immersion lenses, making it suitable for a wide range of live cell and developmental applications.