Reversed Phase CIM®disk (CIM®RP-SDVB) by Presearch Limited

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Reversed Phase CIM®disk (CIM®RP-SDVB)  by Presearch Limited product image
Reversed Phase CIM®disk (CIM®RP-SDVB)

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Development of monolithic columns represents a new chapter in the reversed phase mode chromatography of biomolecules. Monolithic columns, prepared in a single piece, contain only highly interconnected flow-through pores, which significantly increase the mass transfer, based on convection. This is especially important for large molecules like proteins or polynucleotides. Therefore, the entire separation can be completed in a very short time without any decrease of separation efficiency. Even at extremely high mobile phase linear velocities the backpressure is only a few bar and there is no loss of resolution. Please visit our web site for detailed information.