Reverse Transfection Format (RTF) siRNA Libraries by Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Reverse Transfection Format (RTF) siRNA Libraries
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Standard siRNA libraries require multiple aliquoting steps that can introduce variability and contamination in the absence of appropriate handling systems. Thermo Scientific Reverse Transfection Format (RTF) SMARTpool siRNA Libraries are ideal for the lab that wants to screen with siRNA, but doesn’t have access to high throughput automation.

RTF siRNA libraries are single-use libraries provided in replicate 96-well cell culture plates. SMARTpool® siRNA and validated control reagents are pre-dispensed at assay-ready amounts. No special handling is required prior to use. Simply resuspend the siRNA and add your cells.

  • Convenient & economical - Save time and money with ready-to-use plates. Each library is supplied as six replicate plate sets containing 6.25 pmol of siRNA per well; sufficient to run two screens in triplicate
  • Ready-to-screen - Plate layouts are optimized for screening with pre-designed siRNAs for premium gene silencing, plus validated siRNA control reagents
  • Flexible - RTF libraries are provided in clear plates, but black or white-walled plates are available to support assays involving fluorescent or luminescent detection methods
  • Comprehensive - Available as human and mouse pre-defined or custom libraries with Thermo Scientific siGENOME or ON-TARGETplus pre-designed SMARTpool reagents

Ensure the success of your screens with RTF Optimization Plates:
Determining appropriate experimental conditions is a critical component to successful siRNA screens. RTF Optimization plates are triplicate plates provided with single-use amounts of siRNA controls to enable the identification of optimal transfection reagent amount, cell density, and identification of the best non-targeting control for your screening assay.

  • Available with Human and Mouse siGENOME or ON-TARGETplus validated siRNA control reagents
  • Optional inclusion of Thermo Scientific DharmaFECT Cell Culture Reagent (DCCR) for rehydration of siRNA with minimal cell toxicity effects
  • Provided in clear, black or white plates to support fluorescent or luminescent assays